February 15, 2013 - in preparation for the Consecration to Jesus through Mary

In today’s Gospel, Jesus said “Can the wedding guests mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them?” This word “bridegroom” stood out for me throughout the day. In our preparation to consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary, it really is a journey into the Father’s Wedding Feast that He has prepared for His Son.  The Father’s Love story is revealed in the Pierced Heart of Jesus who thirsts for our hearts as a Bridegroom seeking to woo His beloved to Himself.  A bridegroom is one who has gazed upon the one whom he seeks for a communion of hearts.  So too Jesus is gazing upon your heart, even right now as you read this… His eyes seek your heart with a Divine thirst, speaking to you… “I thirst” for you.

At the center of the Father’s Wedding Feast there is one Immaculate Heart that has already given Her perfect “yes” to the Divine Bridegroom.  She is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit that fills Jesus’ Sacred Heart, anointing His whole person.  So in a mystical way, the Hearts of Jesus and Mary are united in perfect Love.  So Mary is a gate for us to also have confidence to enter into the invitation of the Divine Bridegroom.  Mary is like a sea-going vessel ready to carry our hearts deep into the seven seas of Jesus’ Divine Heart of Love.

There are many things that can make us mourn in this life… the sounds of war, the suffering of the poor, the hurts and rejections, the pain of loss, and especially our sins and the sins of others.  But we do not have to be weighed down alone in the mourning of life, but instead with Mary learn that Divine Mercy is attracted to those places where we mourn.  Jesus the Bridegroom wants to be with us, united to us in Love.  And when Jesus is with us, our mourning is turned to peaceful joy… a morning of glory.  After all Jesus says, “Can the wedding guests mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them?”  Jesus is indeed with us.

Do I believe that the Divine Bridegroom is seeking my heart with great thirst?  Or am I afraid to be loved because of all the times I have been hurt by those I thought loved me?

Mary Immaculate, as I prepare to consecrate my life to your Heart, lead me to live in greater trust that I may desire the Love of the Divine Bridegroom who gazes with thirst for my little heart.