February 22, 2013 - To Jesus through Mary

On this feast of the Chair of Peter, we celebrate this great gift of unity that God our Father has given us in the papacy.  Our Lord Jesus speaks to Peter of his identity in the Father’s Love: “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah.  For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father.  And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church…”  Peter hears of his place in the Mystical Body of Christ from the Heart of Jesus, who reveals the Father’s Will.

We pray in a special way for our beloved Pope Benedict in his last week as Pope and also for our next Pope to come as he takes up this great role of service to the Bride of Christ, Holy Mother Church.  We have been very blessed to have the saintly example and great teaching of Pope Benedict as he served in his true identity.

But each of us is called to serve in our true identity.  Each of us is called to our own particular mission in the mystical body of Christ.  Our Lord Jesus wants to speak to you from His Sacred Heart, revealing to you your place in the Father’s Love.  No doubt there are times when you are acting in your true self - times of generosity, times of forgiving, times of serving family and neighbor, times of virtue, etc.  And you have felt the peace knowing that those times have really been God aiding you with His grace.  Tasting our authentic self helps us to distinguish it from our false identity where we struggle with negativity, or impatience, or holding on to grudges, etc.  Tasting our true identity in the Father’s Love makes us hunger for His grace all the more.

This is where our Blessed Mother can be such a comforting influence, helping us not to become discouraged with the old Adam in us and giving us the hope that by the Holy Spirit giving us grace through the Womb of Her Immaculate Heart, we can gradually become more and more united to the New Adam, Jesus Living His Life in us.  After all, Peter himself had plenty of setbacks before he was transformed into St. Peter.  Even after Jesus spoke of his true identity, Peter fell into his old sinfulness even to the point of denying he even knew Jesus.  I’m sure our Blessed Mother helped Peter have hope after this hard fall.  Later, after he received the Mercy of the Risen Lord, Peter would also experience the descent of the Holy Spirit when he had prayed with Mary.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray with me.  Be at my side especially when I tend to get discouraged with my falls.  Lead me to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and help me to have that vision of Faith to see the eyes of Christ gazing with Mercy upon my ordinary life.  Help me to know that the Father loves me just as He loves the Pope and that He loves me in the place where He desires me to serve in the Mystical Body of His Beloved Son.