March 4, 2013 - To Jesus through Mary

In Sunday’s first reading, we heard how Moses came to know God and his place in the Father’s plan in a revelation from God through the burning bush: a bush that was on fire but was not consumed.  In the history of the Church, the burning bush has often been seen as a symbol of Mary who was on fire with the Love of the Holy Spirit, and who even conceived in Her Womb God made man by the power of the Holy Spirit, while her virginity was not consumed.  Just as God revealed His love for His chosen people to Moses through the burning bush, so now even in a more powerful manner, God reveals Himself in the Incarnation in and through Mary.

Moses later would be given the Law of God on stone tablets while on Mt. Sinai.  But now we have the new Law of God which perfects the Old, and this Law is not written on stone tablets, but primarily it is written on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Just as the first three commandments show us how to love God, so too the Sacred Heart of Jesus reveals Divine Love.  The last seven commandments show us how to love neighbor, so too the Holy Spirit reveals Immaculate Love in the Heart of Mary who has a perfect love of neighbor in Her Love for God.

So now Mary holds us in Her love as she desires that our hearts too be imprinted with the New Law of God and come to resemble the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Her own Immaculate Heart.