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Addresses & Fax

629 3rd Street
Minto, ND 58261 (Sacred Heart)
6098 County Road 4
Minto, ND 58261 (St. Stanislaus)

Fax number:
(701) 248-3139


Parish office for both parishes:
(701) 248-3589

For tours of St. Stanislaus:
Irene Duray | (701) 248-3952
*Allow several days notice for group tours

For Eucharistic Adoration questions: Joan Schanilec | (701) 360-2499 or (701) 248-3930

For diocesan questions:
(701) 356-7900

To schedule a reconciliation appt:
(701) 248-3589


For business questions, bulletin posts, or general inquiries for either parish:

For questions or comments regarding the Website:

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